Partners in Place

I grew up with hands in the dirt, bugs in a jar, and tadpoles in a tub. Over the years, I supported environmental and community collaborations as a biologist, ecologist, consultant, facilitator, teacher, and spiritual seeker. I applied all of above roles as an innovator in the design of participatory workshops, forums, and collaborations -- at the Center for Limnology, UW-Madison; Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; and Partners in Place, LLC.

Nowadays as an elder and grandmother, I create learning circles, calling people to return to the home place in their heart and their home place on Earth. I teach workshops and retreats in all kinds of settings. My passion is to create open, collective spaces for people to come home to their own heart, witness the natural world, and creatively communicate what they experience.

I have practiced and led meditation practice groups for many years and am currently a student of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, a Tibetan Bön Buddhist meditation master. In October 2013, I completed a rigorous 3-year course of study through The 3 Doors Academy (transforming minds through meditation), and in January 2016, I completed the followup training called the Presenters Path. I now host Inner Refuge practice sessions in Madison WI and sponsor visits from senior teachers in The 3 Doors international organization. I host Inner Refuge practice sessions in my home community of Madison WI and sponsor visits from senior teachers in The 3 Doors international organization.

I am the author of Wheels of Time and Place, a unique toolkit for tracking all sorts of cycles and seasons. Although the original product is out of print, the materials are still available. My colleague Janet Moore will be “taking the reins” as Wheels of Time and Place Project Manager, bringing all that the Wheels have to offer into classrooms, teacher training, environmental centers, and more.

One of my favorite creative pastimes is collage, and I am a certified SoulCollage® facilitator.

As a volunteer, I serve on the staff of The 3 Doors, a contemplative educational organization inspired by the vision of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. The purpose is to offer simple yet powerful meditation methods of body, speech, and mind that work with the challenges of everyday life in modern society. I also volunteer for Consulting for Organizational Reflection and Effectiveness (CORE), a new approach to community change-making, and for The Wellness Project, a partner of the Dane County Timebank. My home is near the shores of Lake Wingra in Madison, Wisconsin; I was co-founder and past president of the Friends of Lake Wingra which recently celebrated its 15th birthday.

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