Partners in Place

Although Partners in Place is a one-woman operation, it thrives through collaborations with colleagues of like mind and complementary skill sets. Please meet them here and scroll down to read about each of them.

Rebecca Power, artist, scientist, educator, engaged citizen, and partner for Trees as Teachers.

"I am inspired by the intersection of science, civic engagement, art, and sense of place. As a watershed educator and water resource specialist with University of Wisconsin-Extension, I bring a diversity of partners at local, state, and regional scales together to address water resource management issues using science, local knowledge and effective public engagement methods. My studies with herbalist Susun Weed and mind-body therapist Illana Rubenfeld have expanded my experience of diverse ways of knowing and teaching. As an artist and photographer, I am immersed in the power of images to inspire, teach, and refresh – to help us consider the world in new ways, or to remind us of truths that have become hidden by daily clutter of life’s to-do lists." Learn more at Rebecca's website or contact her via email.

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