Partners in Place


Janet Moore, artist, naturalist, environmental educator, teacher - and now Project Manager - for the Wheels of Time and Place.

“For as long as I can remember, I have used art and writing to explore, understand, and communicate my interpretation of the natural world around me. My botanical watercolors have been exhibited and are part of many public and private collections.  I earned a dual B.S. in Art and Environmental Studies from UW-Madison and am currently working on a Master’s in Environmental Education at UW-Stevens Point, exploring the intersection of art and science in education.  As the Outdoor Education Coordinator for the McFarland School District in Wisconsin and in my outreach position with the Arboretum’s Earth Partnership for Schools at UW-Madison, I have utilized the Wheels of Time and Place with a variety of students and teachers as a tool to connect students not only with their place, but also with the circular pattern of time. I am happy to provide support to teachers and students by providing on-site and classroom workshops, consultations, and curriculum ideas to make your experience successful.”  Please contact Janet via email.

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