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As You Begin

Begin with Curiosity
As you prepare to create your Wheel, use the ideas in Getting Started as a “jumping off” point and feel free to adapt them to suit whatever YOUR purpose is! Think about what you want to experience, what your place might teach you, and be prepared for your curiosity to invite surprises.

Select a Cycle, Size, and Theme
With your curiosity alive, now choose from among the blank Wheel templates to follow the cycle of a day, month, year, or lifetime, or choose to use the Blank Wheel to create your own template. See Products to purchase and enlarge Wheels from digital files. Or make your own Wheels using a string compass or tracing around a pizza pan. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination! For more inspiration, go to the Gallery. Link For guidance and suggestions see Cycles, Sizes and Themes

Gather Supplies
Use pencils, pens; colored pencils, markers or crayons; paint, ink, photos, maps, scissors, magazines, glue, and other materials for collage ...anything goes! A sketchbook or notebook for “rough drafts”, or to record more than you can fit on your wheel, is handy to have. Just be sure that whatever you choose to use feels “right” to you!

Begin at Any Time You Choose
Because the wheel is round, you may begin any time you are ready — a season, new moon, birthday, holiday, new beginning, or any other inspired moment. The best time to begin is of course ...Now!

Create the Center

Every Wheel has a center or hub. Your center can represent a physical place, a central theme, or anything that represents a personal center – such as a symbol, photo of yourself, or inspiring quote. At the center of each Wheel you make, place a map or image to reflect the place or theme you have selected and to anchor your practice of observation in time and space.

Here are some ideas:

  • SIT SPOT a specific location where you sit still and let nature come to you
  • YOUR HOME porch, yard, garden, or even your neighborhood
  • A SPECIAL PLACE OUTSIDE park, walking path or route, a forest, beach, or mountain
  • A SPECIAL EXPERIENCE vacation, trip to a natural area, or life event
  • YOUR CENTER an image of feeling “at home” wherever you are. Be aware of experiencing the world from your own center
  • A SINGLE SPECIES a plant, tree animal, bird or insect
  • WATERSHED bioregion, or other geographic area

Maps for the Center
If you choose a map, will it be geographically accurate or symbolic? Will it be traced or cut and pasted from an existing map, or will it be a map of your own creation?

A Centering Image
If you choose an image other than a map, will you create your own image or use one that you find already in print material? Will you use a photo or a found object, like a leaf or feather? You might return to the Getting Started in your quest for a centering image, or sit outside in nature and see what “speaks” to you in your place.

Observe & Record

Cycles and seasons move our sense of place through time. The map or image you place in the center of your Wheel provides a hub to anchor the basic features or themes that remain relatively constant over time. A routine practice of making and recording observations will begin to transform your Wheel into a circular journal.

About the Moon Ring

Wheels for a Specific Year If you are drawn to use a Wheel of the Year with the phases of the moon in the outer ring, you will need to select one that starts in a specific year (from 2009 – 2015) and month. For the latter, you will choose a Wheel that begins at the time of the full moon closest to either:

January 1, a traditional New Year’s start time for many journal keepers
September 1, the start time of many schools and activities, and close to the new year of some spiritual traditions

The Reasons The moon’s phases, as we observe them from earth, average 29.53 days (and, due to perturbations in its orbit, vary from 29.26 to 29.80) while the average calendar month is about 30.4 days. Thus, in order for the moon phases to align with the calendar dates on the Wheels, we need to construct a new Wheel for every year.

The difference between the lunar and solar cycles has vexed calendar-makers for millennia, resulting in many different approaches to keeping a common calendar. Our circular calendars offer you an opportunity to track time according to the natural rhythms of the moon in relation to our artificial twelve-month calendar. See the Resources and Links for web sites that provide the exact dates and times of the moon phases in each year.

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