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Finding Inner Refuge Meditation, Group Practice in Madison WI

Spontaneous Creativity, a weekend retreat with Marcy Vaughn

Homecomings: Your Place on Earth and Your Place in Time

Finding Inner Refuge Meditation

Connect with the home place in your heart and reduce stress as you experience the benefits that meditation can bring to your life.

·       Learn how to pause, release effort, and rest through guided sitting practices that help you discover openness that can replace and heal any tendencies to disconnect or struggle.
·       Work with the breath and seated physical movements to release physical, emotional and mental patterns that restrict your life, inviting the expression of positive qualities.
·       Work with sound and silence as we sing seed syllables to illuminate the path from openness to action that benefits oneself and others. The vibration of the sound helps clear the mind’s chatter and provides entrance to the peace of deep silence.

The result is a fresh ability to rest in the space that opens – Inner Refuge – rather than remain attached to external problems or stories.

All are welcome to explore the practices of The 3 Doors, Transforming Lives through Meditation with our local practice community in Madison, WI. For beginners and those with previous experience in meditation or yoga. Newcomers are welcome! Please contact Anne Forbes to arrange a brief phone conversation to orient you, or let’s meet at a coffee shop!

Please reach out to Anne for the current schedule of practices for 2018-2019!

Anne Forbes of Partners in Place has practiced and taught meditation for many years and is currently a student of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, a Tibetan Bön Buddhist meditation master. She completed a rigorous course of study through The 3 Doors Academy and The 3 Doors Presenter's Path, with senior teachers Gabriel Rocco and Marcy Vaughn and now offers these time-honored practices in a non-religious form, making them available to everyone. She leads Inner Refuge practice sessions in Madison WI and sponsors visits from senior teachers in The 3 Doors international organization. She is also a trained SoulCollage® facilitator.

The guided practices are fully explored in Awakening the Sacred Body, Tibetan Sound Healing, and Awakening the Luminous Mind by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and offered to non-religious audiences through his generosity in founding the nonprofit educational organization, The 3 Doors.

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Spontaneous Creativity with Marcy Vaughn, Madison, WI February 16-17, 2019 

Marcy Vaughn is returning to Madison for a non-residential weekend retreat at Holy Wisdom Monastery. The them will be based on the exciting new book Spontaneous Creativity, Meditations for Manifesting Your Positive Qualities by Tenzin Wanghal Rinpoche and edited by Marcy.

Hold the date, and stay tuned for more details.

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Homecomings: Your Place on Earth and Your Place in Time

Renew your connection to yourself and your home place by learning to rest and release into the cycles of your life and the changing seasons. Through a variety of reflections and activities, we will map the desires of our hearts, the qualities and gifts of our home places, and the rhythms of time passing. You’ll go home with ideas and practices to continue creating your own personal homecoming for yourself, your family, and community.

Contact Anne Forbes to schedule a program.


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