Partners in Place

Trees as Teachers retreats and workshops

with Anne Forbes and Rebecca Power

Join Anne Forbes and Rebecca Power to explore our connections with trees and the creativity they inspire. Each Trees as Teachers event is designed around a carefully selected series of guided meditations involving the breath and movement, experiential activities, reflective conversations, and personal time – woven together by the gifts of the current season.  Our connections with trees provide remarkable witness as partners in our learning, playing, and growing. Whether you tend toward the spiritual dimensions of your relationship to nature or toward the scientific, Trees as Teachers will expand your capacity to integrate multiple ways of knowing, allowing you to rest and renew the home place in your heart.

Please contact Anne Forbes or Rebecca Power to inquire about a Trees as Teacher program for your group.

Anne and Rebecca designed a wonderfully generative time for me to connect nature -- and more significantly a tree that means something to me personally -- with my "internal" life.  To have designated time that let me sit back, reflect, and make those connections in an artistic, playful way was a true gift.  I'd highly recommend giving yourself that gift!  – Barbara Hummel

I give Trees as Teachers my highest recommendation. Rebecca and Anne created a vibrant, safe circle where I felt fully accepted for who I am at this time in my journey.  Anyone who cherishes nature and wants to strengthen their connection to the world around them will benefit so very much.  The experience continues to support my growth in wisdom and in wonder.  –Mary Kay Baum

I recommend Trees as Teachers to anyone who wishes to deepen their connection with the natural world and gain confidence in expressing that connection in their words and actions. Weave a memory trail with trees as teachers! – John Steines

Witness Tree Community and Projects

with Susan Corrado, Rebecca Power, Bobette Rose, John Steines; the generous sponsorship by the Farley Center for Peace and Justice; and many participating artists and community members

The seed idea for Witness Tree sprouted during a year-long series of Trees as Teachers retreats in 2013. Its branches grew from a first, highly successful art exhibition and set of week-long community conversations and celebrations organized by John Steines, Rebecca Power, and Anne Forbes at the Commonwealth Gallery in Madison WI. The Witness Tree Community grows and continues to evolve with the creative contributions of many more artists and visionaries and with the many voices that contribute to the community conversations.

See the Witness Tree Community Facebook page for a complete listing of past and future events.

Trees are wisdom keepers. They stand in a single place on the earth’s surface and faithfully witness the unfolding of time. Like people, trees observe their surroundings, root where welcomed, reach toward nourishment, and hold close where limited. They form scar tissue when wounded and can adapt to change. Examining the lives of trees offers critical insights for human wellbeing and survival, showing us when life thrives and falters.

“Witness tree” is an expression used for trees that mark boundaries, act as signposts and directionals, or witness key events in history and local culture – celebratory and tragic. Trees also witness the in-between moments that are precious and informative in their own right. Through this collaborative witnessing of trees and people, we hope to foster a world that is richer and more sustainable for both.

Ongoing Witness Tree Projects embrace wellness and healthy communities, through art and conversation using trees as real and metaphoric teachers. Rooted in creative practice and innovation, Witness Tree projects bring artists, scientists, educators, businesses, farmers, civil society organizations, governments, and other thought leaders together to develop and work in a new “story space” or narrative, leading to inclusive, generative, respectful, and productive community outcomes. Witness Tree’s mission is to help communities create a new generation of holistic, inclusive stories or narratives about our desired futures.

Please contact  Rebecca Power or John Steines for more information.

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