Partners in Place

A Re-Purposed Website

Welcome to a rejuventated website as Partners in Place experiences yet another transition on the way to . . . my retirement? Although I do not identify with the “r” word, I am enjoying much more freedom to pursue how I offer my gifts to family, community, and profession. As I pass through this gateway, I would like you to:

  • Receive you my thanks – and thank each other – for the astounding ways that you show up to help make so much possible – in my life and in our community and our world
  • Join me in celebrating my graduation from The 3 Doors Academy
  • Warmly welcome Janet Moore – artist, naturalist, environmental educator and now the Project Director for the Wheels of Time and Place
  • Enjoy the (once again) re-purposed Partners in Place website

Oh, and I am now a Grandmother!

I hope that you enjoy exploring the website, and I look forward to continuing our journeys together,


// updated 09.12.14

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