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A Taste of Wheels - Six small Wheels on one page - FREE

The tactile and visual experience of having the Wheels in hand is a big part of learning with and from them. Treat yourself to an initial experience the Wheels by printing this complimentary PDF file with six different small Wheels on one page. 

If you wish, print the page on cardstock and cut it into six cards. (Print in landscape orientation at 100% or Fit to Page. Cut 1/2" of the top of the page, 1/4" off each side. Then make final cuts to create six cards, 3 1/2 x 4 " in size).

To experience the Wheels in their full 11" and 24" sizes see the complete toolkit and digital files available for purchase.

Download Sample Wheels »

Digital Booklet | Partners in Place

Partners in Place

Digital Copy of the Booklet - FREE

Enjoy a copy of the 10-page booklet Wheels of Time and Place, as an electronic file. It is the same booklet that comes as a print copy in the complete toolkit.

Contents include:

As Simple as a Circle, As You Begin, Create the Center, Observe and Record, Expand Your Horizons, Enlarged Wheels - Keeping the Magic Going

Download Digital Booklet (13 MB) »

Complete Toolkit | Partners in Place

Partners in Place

Complete Toolkit - OUT OF PRINT

SORRY! The Wheels of Time and Place toolkit is now out of print. Many thanks are due to so many people whose enthusiasm for the Wheels is infectious.

  • Please stay on the mailing list for news about any future revisions and reprinting.
  • In the meantime, please note that you can download the booklet from the toolkit at no cost and the complete set of Wheels as PDF's for just $10.

The most versatile way to begin is to purchase the Wheels of Time and Place toolkit, a case that contains all you need to work with the Wheels for years to come. Constructed of recycled chipboard and closed with a secure clasp, the case will protect your Wheels in storage and as they travel with you.

A great gift - and a colorful, tactile way to experience the Wheels hands-on!

All toolkits include the new features highlighted below. Inside your toolkit, you will find:

  • A 10-page color booklet, with information and instructions
  • One 11" copy of each of the original Wheels on cardstock, including wheels of the year, one day, a lunar month, and seasons of a lifetime; and a blank Wheel for creating your own design - and two new Wheels: a blank Wheel marked in quarters and a wheel of the elements.
  •  Two enlarged 24" wheels, the Wheel of the Year and a Blank Wheel.
  • Wheels of the Year with moon phases are date-sensitive, and they begin in either January or September of each year. The packets now contain one 11" Wheel of the Year with moon phases, as an example, and an information card about them.
  • An Authorization Key for a one-time, no-cost download of high resolution PDF files of all Wheels, and basic instructions to duplicate and enlarge them. These Wheels of the Year with moon phases are now complete through 2020.
Digital Wheels | Partners in Place

Partners in Place

Digital Copies of the full set of Wheels - FREE

While the complete toolkits are out of print, we are offering the download of the digital Wheels at no cost. Please let us know how you use them; pictures are welcome. And, enjoy!

DOWNLOAD HERE (zip file)


Included in your download are:

  • A sheet of instructions for printing and enlarging the Wheels and a reminder of our fair use and photocopying agreement.

  • The original Wheels of One Day, Lunar Month, Year, Lifetime, and a Blank Wheel

  • Additional Wheels: Wheel of the Elements and a Blank Wheel in Quarters

  • Wheels of the Year with moon phases through 2020. These are date-sensitive, and they begin in either January or September of each year.

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